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Neal Layton’s The Invisible Tony Spears and the Brilliant Blob

This month marks the publication day of Neal Layton’s second book in the series about schoolboy Tony Spears and his adventures into space. In The Invincible Tony Spears and the Brilliant Blob, our intrepid explorer can’t resist the urge to press that red button in his kitchen cupboard that transports him to the flight deck of the spaceship Invincible.

Tony ends up in a distant nebula parallel where he meets a strange three-eyed alien, a blob he names ‘Dot’. It’s not easy looking after Dot and watching it grow, leaving glittery poo for Tony to clear up. Tony’s Mum and Chris are having a baby and he finds out all about babies at school when he and his friend Chandra do their joint presentation on the subject.

Learning lots about babies gives Tony plenty of ideas on how to help Dot find its own family, because, if he doesn’t, it almost certainly would mean the end of life on Earth…

Neal Layton is represented by Arena Illustration

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