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Burton snowboard design by Helen Musselwhite

Many of our client's work on projects well in advance of their release. In fact it's not uncommon for us to be working on a Christmas campaign in March or April, but when Burton snowboards approached us in 2015... 2018 seemed like a very long way away.

Yet here we are in September 2017 and the Burton Women's Genie Snowboard for 2018 has just been released featuring artwork by our very own paper magician Helen Musselwhite.

Helen was invited to design a board and jumped at the chance (excuse the pun). She created a gorgeously detailed woodland image on one side and hand-cut 'Burton' lettering for the reverse. As you'll see from her work in progress shots, the artwork was created at 'real board' size and features a wonderful sense of depth due to her intricate layered style.

The boards are on sale now, all we need now is some snow.

Helen Musselwhite is represented by Handsome Frank



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September 2017

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