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Maps – David Atkinson

David Atkinson has been producing beautiful hand-crafted maps for clients for 44 years and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest agencies and publishers throughout the world.

David can draw in a lot of different styles using various techniques with hand drawn combined with computer generated artwork.

‘The way I work with mixed and unusual materials mostly results in something different and surprising”.

David also draws his own lettering where possible and its so nicely drawn, he has been often asked by designers if they can have the font! David always works hard to give each work a tactile human touch whilst bringing the artform to into the 21st century.

He tries to use old techniques wherever possible but using computers allows him to piece artwork together like these beautiful close-up examples in this article.

They were pieced together to create a 30ft mural frieze commissioned by TransRe Insurance for their offices in New York. The world map shows man-made and natural disasters throughout the globe- the content was largely researched by David himself. You can also find David Atkinson in “The Art of Illustrated Maps: Mapmaking History, Process and Inspiration”. David Atkinson lives and works in London.

David Atkinson is represented by NB Illustration

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