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Saint George’s Society of New York

James Taylor creates artwork for the rebranding of British philanthropic charity.
This month sees the re-launch of the identity for the Saint George’s Society of New York , an association founded in 1770 to help Brits in New York who have fallen on hard times. The rebranding was spearheaded by Landor Associates.

James Taylor created these images by hand, painting the graphic lines directly onto archival paper. He says: “In a time where visual culture leans towards saying too much, it was stimulating to create a group of illustrations that get straight to the point. This combined with surreal thinking communicates something a little whimsical.”

James writes: “I’ve allowed some of my personality in, certainly not being a laugh out loud funny guy my sense of humor is subtle, I can see this in all these pieces. Even down to the clunky shapes and the way they play against more sophisticated elements.”

“There’s a picture book quality to them. That appeals, I don’t like fuss, complexity is dull, I’m after consistency, easy understanding. The message can be fun, entertaining.”

James Taylor is represented by Debut Art

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