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Introducing Bryony Clarkson

Bryony Clarkson is one of Bright’s newest talents. Having graduated from Loughborough College of Art with an emphasis in textiles before studying for an MA at the Royal College of Art in London, she has now switched her focus from fabrics to work with a mixture of cut paper collage and digital techniques.

Her signature style features rich textures, palettes that pop and quirky animals with lots of personality. But how does she achieve such gorgeous finished pieces?

We chatted with Bryony about her process and inspirations, as well as some of her biggest artistic achievemnets. Read on to learn just how she weaves magic with her art and to get a glimpse of her dreamy studio.

How do you feel your experience as an embroidery designer has impacted the way you work and create now for your art licensing clients?

I work in exactly the same way with paper, as I used to with fabric. My embroidery designs often involved small pieces of fabric, appliquéd onto a base fabric to create the image. Then the stitches made ‘drawn’ lines, for detail. I’ve simply swapped fabric and thread for paper and pencils! The thought process is no different at all.

I also studied colour a great deal as part of my textile design training, which is now a natural art of my thinking. I have favourite ‘go-to’ colour schemes that I rely on all the time, as well as loving to play with new combinations and looking at colour trends.

What do you find to be your biggest sources of everyday inspiration?

Definitely my children. We chat about ideas for fun things to draw, that would appeal to them, all the time. They are my best inspiration and harshest critics! I also love to see the uninhibited way that they draw, which inspires me to try and have a spontaneous feel in my own work.

What has been your favorite project to date and what made it so special?

I adore drawing animals, and some of my favourite pieces of all time are my series of circus images, which I worked on, on and off, for quite a long while. I really enjoy trying to build expressions and character into the pieces, which I hope makes children really relate to them. When I have got a character just right, it almost feels as if I know them. I definitely feel like that about my Juggler, Ringmaster and their animal friends.


Bryony shares a view of her workspace

An art supply lover's dream!

To view Bryony Clarkson’s entire portfolio, click here. You can also inquire with her agent, Hannah Curtis, about licensing specific pieces.

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