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Christopher Nielsen Funds Important Picture Book

Phosphor Art's  illustrated The Dream Peddler, a groundbreaking picture book for young adults about the allure of addiction, written by Irena Kobald. Earlier this year, the book's publisher Dirt Lane Press successfully crowdfunded an extended print run of the book and it will be available to buy from October.

Like all Dirt Lane Press books, The Dream Peddler breaks the rules and stretches boundaries. Whist it is a picture book, it is intended for older readers; it explores addiction, but is also a universal metaphor for the allure of false dreams; it is a powerful affirmation of hope, courage and unconditional love, but it is also ambiguous.
The book is based on the author's personal experiences of watching her son spiral into a drug addiction. Dirt Lane Press create books for the benefit of young people, developing and delivering creative book-related projects that encourage young people to explore self-awareness, individual empowerment and the building of positive attitudes. Christopher was so pleased to be a part of this project and we hope to see it go far.
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