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Thomas Flintham’s Press Start WINS Sheffield Children’s Emerging Reads Book Award

We’re thrilled that Thomas Flintham’s fabulously funny Press Start! GAME OVER, Super Rabbit Boy!  won the Emerging Reads category of Sheffield Children’s Book Awards 2018. Celebrating its 30th year, and voted for by a team of expert book worms from school libraries across Sheffield, this award celebrates the best of the best.

The Press Start series takes place in Super Rabbit Boy Land inside a ‘Super Funstan’ game console like gameboy, in this first book. In the first book we meet our pixellated hero, Super Rabbit Boy, as he saves the fun loving Animal Town from the mean King Viking from Mount Boom who, with his robot army is set to destroy the songs, which all the animals dance to and remove the happiness from the town by kidnapping Singing Dog. Solving the games levels and powering up with carrots, Super Rabbit Boy tricks the Robo-Fish, hops across the desert on Robo-Lizards and tunnels under Robo-Snakes. With every try the boy playing the game gets a game over sign at every level until finally he learns how to defeat King Viking and his robots and rescue Singing Dog bringing happiness and fun back to Animal Town.
Thomas’s Press Start! has truly captured the imaginations of a new generation of avid readers proving that the screen isn’t always the first choice for youngsters. Particularly popular stateside, this series continues to go from strength to strength and now comes in bind-up editions for those keen to get a double fix of Super Rabbit Boy and his crazy intergalactic capers.
Thomas Flintham is represented by Arena Illustration.

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