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Alex T. Smith’s Claude Returns for World Book Day 2019

Celebrating this month’s World Book Day, our favourite beret wearing dog returns with this perfect, pocket sized adventure - Claude: Best in Show by Alex T. Smith.

The Great Waggy Avenue Dog Show is happening - and there are medals galore to be won! If only Claude knew a dog so he could take part… then he has a VERY CLEVER IDEA! Sir Bobblysock, who LIVED for dressing up, can enter the competition as ‘Butch’ the dog! With their eyes firmly set on the prize they em’bark’ on a series of tricky challenges with limited success. All hope for a medal seems lost until Cuthbert the Chihauhua gets stuck up a very tall tree! Can they save Cuthbert and will our charismatic pup and flamboyant sock get their paws on a medal for their efforts? This is simply hilarious and Alex’s cast of dogs are a triumph!

Published by Hodder Children’s Books for World Book Day 2019. Claude is now the star of his very own TV show on Disney Junior with 52 episodes.

Alex T. Smith is represented by Arena Illustration.

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