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Rebirding Cover Design by Graham Carter

Printmaker and illustrator Graham Carter’s intricate and beautifully patterned work is influenced by the natural world and all of it’s textures and hues. When the conservation writer Benedict Macdonald got in touch about Graham illustrating his latest book, Rebirding, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Ben is a keen naturalist and writer on the subject, as  well as a director of wildlife television on TV series for the BBC and Netflix - most notably for Sir David Attenborough’s conservation series Our Planet on Netflix.

Benedict and Graham worked closely with each other in creating this stunning cover. It was important that Graham created not only an eye-catching image, but that it conveyed the main theme of this book which looks at the key reasons why species are vanishing, as our landscapes become ever more tamed and less diverse. Rebirding explores how Britain has, uniquely, relied on modifying farmland, rather than restoring ecosystems, in a failing attempt to halt wildlife decline. This book is a timely reminder and offers actual solutions for how beautiful and profitable the UK’s countryside could one day look - as well as why the impending extinction of our cuckoos, turtle doves and honey-bees is entirely avoidable.

Graham Carter is represented by Arena Illustration

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