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Anna Mill

Anna Mill is category winner in the 2019 AOI World Illustration Awards.

We are delighted to congratulate recently-signed Début Art artist Anna Mill on being awarded winner of the AOI World Illustration Awards 2019 in the ‘Books category. 'Square Eyes', a graphic novel Anna co-wrote with Luke Jones and which she illustrated, explores a near-future city saturated with augmented reality.

Mill drew on her training as an architect to bring this imaginary world to life, overlaying colourful digital imagery over traditionally hand-drawn buildings and cityscapes. The book is a feat of highly impressive and rich visual storytelling, playing on the connections and disconnections between different conceptions of reality.

Anna’s illustration work is informed by her training at The Bartlett School of Architecture. She brings the precision of traditional technical drawing and perspective techniques to narratively-driven scenes with a rich spatial and atmospheric complexity.

Her drawings are often driven by ‘small stories’ - moments or gestures of activity and movement through time - which lend them a comforting familiarity and warmth.

You can see more of Anna’s work in her portfolio at

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