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Aviel Basil- Le Monstre du Lavabo

Shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards 2019 'Children’s Book Category’

In Aviel's own words, 'I got the this lovely text about a girl who hears growling from her sink and when she looks through the sink hole she sees the sink monster. she starts chasing the monster down through her building and through the city until they meet in a dramatic showdown. Because most of the book's plot his the chase in the building and we have 2 spaces i went for a tall and unconventional format.

The biggest challenge was how will i show the world above the floor and in the sewage, so one thing i did was the tall format which helped me move around the characters and give the readers the feeling that they are running down through the building. The second thing that helped me make all the parts feel organic is the small colour palate.

Aviel graduated from Shenkar college of design in Tel-Aviv with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. He currently works and lives in Tel-Aviv. Since graduating in 2011, Aviel has illustrated more then a dozen children’s books, which have been published in Israel. He won a Silver medal of the Israel Museum award for children’s book illustration in 2012, for his first book. He has also illustrated for magazines, advertisement and worked on character and background designs for various apps and animations.

Aviel Basil is represented by NB Illustration

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