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Scheherazade by Sharon Pinsker

This beautiful Scheherazade image was concept art for a live action/animation projected backdrop

The figure in the centre is clearly Scheherazade but as you pull out of the image she dissolves into the cosmos, Scheherazade is the brilliant female character and storyteller in the tale 1001 Arabian Nights

Knowing the King plans to have her executed, she devises a way of keeping him enthralled by making up complicated and interwoven stories . The stories are designed to grip the audience's attention indefinitely. Anxious to hear the conclusions to these elaborate tales the King is unable to carry out the execution and by the time he finally changes his plans, from killing her to marrying her, she has kept his mind spinning and wanting more for 1001 nights ...the perfect scenario for a music festival!

For more of Sharon Pinsker’s fabulous  work please go to the Artist Partners website Sharon Pinsker | Artist | Artist Partners


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