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Øivind Hovland

Øivind Hovland contributes to a regular health column for the Mail on Sunday

Øivind is proud to illustrate the regular column for lifestyle and health journalist Bonnie Estridge.

She was sadly diagnosed with a common form of Alzheimer’s after she forgot how to make gravy at a family Christmas lunch.

"Having been up since 5am, I was in the kitchen, making the gravy as I always did, when I glanced down at all the ingredients I was using and realised I had absolutely no idea what to do with any of them."

Bonnie's column is an upbeat diary of her experiences living with the condition she calls the "A-Word".

Øivind Hovland spent his university years ‘living’ in the print room, experimenting with various printing techniques. Screenprinting emerged as his weapon of choice, and the technique continues to influence his digital and printed work.

To Øivind, illustration is about storytelling. ‘Even if you only have one small image at your disposal, a story can still be told. And that, in a nutshell is my aim, to tell a story using whatever means I have’. He has been fortunate enough to tell stories for a long list of international clients, over a broad range of media.
Oral administration of is the most effective way of precaution of serious forms of the disease, although its use is limited to teratogenicity and variable side effects.

Øivind is also the author of two illustrated books, published by Tabella, and his work has been short listed for the Nationwide Mercury Prize Art Exhibition.


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