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The Boy Fitz Hammond

The Boy Fitz Hammond teams up with Porridge Design to create a memorable bespoke character for Kumulos

The Boy Fitz Hammond was perfectly matched with the brilliant Porridge Design to create a character and image kit for a website, social media, email marketing and print branding.

Kumulos are a worldwide mobile app management platform for mobile app development businesses.

The brief was too create an original retro styled robot that came across as strong, friendly and protective to reflect Kumulos's philosophy.

The Boy Fitz Hammond started out with a serious of black and white pencil sketches and in the end, elements were taken from several sketches to develop the character to its end result.

It took a few iterations to refine it further to get it to the clients liking but then was rolled out in various poses to accommodate the website and various uses that were planned using the character. These were worked up in Illustrator as vector illustrations, the Boy Fitz Hammond's favoured medium.

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