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Sew Sketchy: Introducing the New York Fashion Influencer

Sew Sketchy is a New York fashionista with a really sassy attitude. She is an illustrated fashion influencer who loves anything to do with fashion, travel and luxury.

She blames her mother and grandmothers for her expensive taste as they’ve influenced her to thinking that “If you can’t spot a diamond from ten tables away then it’s useless.” Sew Sketchy is a globe trotter who fancies only the best of the best while wearing the latest runway looks. She is a satirical personification of the fashion girl stereotypes yet what you read is 100% inspired by her life.

Sew Sketchy’s notoriety amongst the fashion elite has led to collaborations with some of the biggest names in fashion, helping brands tell their stories as she continues to tell hers whether she’s in the french alps or joining a bird watching cult in Bali.

Sew Sketchy is represented by Lipstick of London

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