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Lucy Davey’s seventh Illustrated cover for Campbell and Carter Mystery series by Ann Granger

Lucy Davey has illustrated yet another stunning book jacket in the Campbell and Carter village mystery series. ‘A Matter of Murder’, written by Anne Granger, is the seventh in an edition of exciting Cotswold murder books.

Telling the story of Miff Ferguson, a young homeless man who stumbles across a dead body, and inspector Jess Campbell and Superintendent Ian Carter, two members of the local police force who must join forces to solve the puzzle before another innocent life is lost…

We spoke to Lucy about her creative process when creating the newest instalment of this successful thriller!

“As with the previous covers I worked with Siobhan Hooper at Headline, with the brief being ‘a cover illustration and lettering in keeping with the series identity’ and this time featuring a burnt out car in frosty winter fields. The challenge with these covers is always to show a rural Cotswold scene but with a hint of menace. “

With the first book being published 8 years ago, Lucy’s style had since changed and it was an interesting challenge finding a balance between maintaining the continuity of the series “whilst staying true to my current way of working.”

Lucy now works using her IPad (not something that was an option in 2012!) “I created the artwork in Procreate, adding texture in Photoshop. Drawing a burnt-out car is definitely a new one for me, it was fun to do something a bit different and less idyllic than usual!”

Pre-order ‘A Matter of Murder’, out December 2020!

Lucy Davey is represented by The Artworks

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