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Biz Hull

Biz Hull has been represented by Artist Partners for many years, and has been busily engaged on a series of books which has lasted for well over 20 years, and in that time she has produced hundreds of artworks for the children’s book series entitled :

My Secret Unicorn - written by Linda Chapman we have just completed the last book in the series of 66 titles.

All good things come to an  end, but it has been a great project  to work on and one which Biz only ever expected  for it to run a year or two, so conversely she is delighted that it was such a success, and a profitable and excellent collaboration with both  Puffin Books initially and latterly Kosmos Publishing in Germany.

Initially Biz photographed her reference photographs of her daughter’s friends  as the main characters for the books , and they were all in  primary school at that time, however  now she has completed the series all her models are now  mum’s themselves!

Biz is now exploring new styles which I would be happy to show you in the coming months.

For Biz Hull’s  pencil black and white work please do go to the website

 Biz Hull | Illustrator | Artist Partners

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