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Dawn Cooper illustrates the hidden life of a hedgerow for BBC Wildlife Magazine

Dawn Cooper was asked by BBC Wildlife Magazine to create an illustration teeming with life to accompany an article that delves into the history of hedgerows. Excited to help illustrate their importance, Dawn set about making an image that looked wild and abundant, a time-consuming task but ultimately very satisfying!

The other challenge Dawn faced was “…trying to make things as accurate as possible, whilst employing enough creative license so that the creatures didn’t get lost among hundreds of tiny leaves!”

Planning out an image like this was essential, Dawn began by pencil drawing all the elements and then assembling them into a digital composition. Afterwards she redrew the whole thing in pen and finally added the colour digitally and overlaid textures. “The colouring is often my favourite part of the process!”

Dawn has really captured the abundance and vibrancy of the hidden world of hedgerows and we invite you to get lost in the details!

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