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Neal Layton’s A Climate in Chaos


Eco warrior, author and illustrator, Neal Layton’s latest picture book  A Climate in Chaos is a fantastic non-fiction book that is accessible, readable and an engaging way to educate children about climate change.

Neal has the ability to delve into the science and interpret it in such a way that young children can understand. In the case of A Planet Full of Plastic, having tenderly explained the issues, there were clear and positive tips as to how children could help. Re-use, recycle, etc. Plant a tomato seed in an old cut-down lemonade bottle, give your old toys to someone else when you’ve outgrown them.

For A Climate in Chaos, he set about explaining the science and causes of climate change (as opposed to the weather) with great care and with the help of professionals. (It turns out that there are many of those in his home city of Portsmouth.) That was tough, and it involved a great deal of research because every fact had to be carefully explained – and it had to be accurate. But then there was a pause. Neal was stuck. How was he going to recommend to children how they could combat climate change? Was it up to them to force the world to use more solar and tidal power, to drive down the use of fossil fuels and to insulate our houses?

Somehow, he turned it around and Neal has produced a gentle and positive guide, not just for children but for all of us, as to how we could live our lives if we really want to take this issue seriously.

Neal is represented by Arena Illustration for more information please email

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