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Childfood – Recipes for Young Coolinary Explorers

Gail Armstrong, Ayang Cempaka, Nikolai Senin and Iratxe López de Munáin feature in this stunning culinary book for children.

Childfood - Recipes for Young Coolinary Explorers, by Los Angeles based journalist Luca Scarcella, is a cookbook for children  that features international recipes provided by 23 top chefs from all over the world. These recipes will be accompanied by 23 stories written by the author about one of the main ingredients of the dish, each story beautifully illustrated.

Four illustrators to add their creative talent to the cooking pot are our very own Ayang Cempaka, Nickolai Senin, Iratxe Lopez de Munain, and Gail Armstrong (who created the stunning cover)

The aim of the book is to give children the chance to create memories and experiences to share with their parents, older siblings, guardians.

We’re living in incredible times where the only consistent factor is cultural contamination - the author says - "We believe that a book that offers food recipes from all around the world can help embrace diversity, create strong bonds, build bridges, and break down the walls, against racism, ignorance, and intolerance."

Childfood is a project that gives back: every 5 books sold, Charity:Water will bring clean water to a kid in need! You can buy the book only on Kickstarter (available in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese), at the price of $35, free shipping worldwide:

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