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Katie Ponder reimagines Greek Myths for DK.

Katie Ponder has illustrated “Greek Myths”, a new collection of the classic tales written  by Jean Menzies and published by DK.

After initially pitching on the book, Katie was delighted receive the go ahead and get stuck into a substantial project; taking just 6 months to rough out the entire book and then work closely with the art director Jo Clark to complete each spread. Before starting any drawings though, Katie was keen to get some first hand research done;

“I spent a very happy day at the British museum looking at the Ancient Greek displays and pots before the project started to get inspired.”
The illustrations inside “Greek Myths” display a slight departure for Katie into a world of bolder, more upfront colour; evoking the stark contrast of images found on greek pottery and drawing a parallel between those ancient methods of storytelling and Katie’s geometric designs.
“It was a wonderful world to be immersed in for 6 months. My inner child was over the moon to be making pictures of Pegasus and all the Gods and Goddesses.

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