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Emily Fox Illustrates Celebrity Joke Book

It's a dream project for an illustrator when asked to create illustrations for a joke book and in this case, they picked wonderful super-skilled character creator Emily Fox to adorn the pages of TV personality, politician, and master of funny Gyles Brandreth's hilarious new (bad) joke book.


An embarrassed Penguin?
A sunburnt elephant?
A newspaper!?

Did those jokes make you laugh? Make you groan? Maybe a bit of both? There's a lot more where they came from.

Collected here by jokesmith Gyles Brandreth are some of the best and worst jokes ever (plus a few riddles to keep you on your toes).

From 'Knock, knock' to 'Waiter waiter', with some funny elephants and giraffes thrown in for good measure, there's also a bit of expert joke advice, so you can show others just how funny you can be!

Emily’s delightful line illustrations bring an extra element of joy to this hilarious publication.

Emily Fox is represented by Arena Illustration, for more information about working with her please email

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