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5 illustrators with distinctive work have joined Début Art.

Illustrators Jordi Ros, Janelle Barone, Xinmei Liu, Rupert Gruber and Kanith Thailamthong have started with Début Art over the last few months.

Jordi once made the best sandwich in the world. He then moved on to create the best taco in the world. All that success in the span of a week. He is often tricked by his own brain into thinking he has solved the meaning of life. He hasn’t. But he does try his best. Currently based in Barcelona, where he tries not to google himself too often. Jordi is an illustrator with a wide range, focused on Pop culture, fashion, streetwear and music, developing concepts and applications for brands and companies.

More of Jordi’s work can be viewed at
Rupert specialises in music related artworks and editorial illustrations. He is passionate about music, literature and motion pictures.
More of Rupert’s work can be viewed in his folio at
Kanith is interested in people’s behaviour. She loves to create interesting and fun circumstances with people. Her personal works are usually about being a girl in the eastern Asian culture, what girls actually feel but could not speak - the single beauty standard/stereotype and patriarchy.
More of Kanith’s work can be viewed in her folio at
Xinmei combines digital and analogue methods to create unique textures while bringing linework and bright colours together to create moods. She produces highly conceptual imagery that also has rich narrative details. Her personal work is mostly inspired by her cultural background, social issues, childhood experience and history.
More of Xinmei’s work can be viewed in her folio at
Janelle's style has grown from a mixture of influences including cinematography, comic book art, Art Noveau and traditional Ukiyo-e woodblock printing. Storytelling scene-setting is a particularly poignant aspect of Janelle's growing body of work.
More of Janelle’s work can be viewed at

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