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70th Anniversary – Artist Partners

At the beginning of 2021 we all knew this would be a difficult year for any celebrations for obvious reasons, but we wanted to mark this very auspicious year in the Artist Partners calendar. We have been updating the website with news stories from the beginning  and early days of Artist Partners from 1951 onwards, and we have plundered the files for images from our very early days.

Featured below is the work of Reg Mount -  who was a founder member of Artist Partners in those heady days in 1951

Images featured are left to right  : No smoking Campaign “Cut it Out or Cut it Down”  poster, and Hawker Hurricane Aircraft for poster design for Ministry of Information.

Our website features lots of early images,  and now that we have entered the 60’s period and we now feature the work of the sublimely talented Brian Sanders who features on the front page  of the website with his iconic Mad Men image and the image and inspiration for that poster.

Ilustrator’s Magazine looks at the work of Brian Sanders whose art captured the look of the ‘60s, and inspired Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner to commission the artist to depict those halcyon days for the launch of the show’s sixth season.  Artist Partners | Illustrator & Artist Agency, United Kingdom

Thank you to all our clients and artists past and present for the huge loyalty and respect you have shown to us- Artist Partners established in 1951 and still going strong ….

70th Anniversary - Artist Partners

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