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Stunning New Work by Marie-Alice Harel

Feast your eyes on Marie-Alice's updated portfolio featuring her personal project, the artbook Bird People. 

Bird People is a curious collection of sketches, drawings and paintings that originally appeared in Marie-Alice's sketchbooks as an exercise to reconnect with her love of drawing, to practice portraiture and relax at the end of the day. It is a reflection on nature and culture, on the blurry line between human and animal. Every page invites the viewer to question and imagine their own stories. From simple sketches to more elaborate drawings and paintings, each one is a chance to explore universal emotions or themes from a new angle. Marie-Alice decided to pair each portrait with a symbolic element, a visual clue that can spark the imagination, by contrast or association.

There is no text in this book, but you’ll find soon enough that these birds don’t need written language to communicate. Each spread invites the viewer’s imagination to develop the story, and small echoes and narratives propagate throughout the pages.

You can find out more about Marie-Alice and her work on our website.

Marie-Alice Harel is represented by Arena Illustration.

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