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Katie Ponder teams with DK to illustrate another book of myths; Norse!

Katie Ponder has collaborated with the brilliant art team at DK again, to work on another illustrated book of myths. Norse Myths is the latest book of epic stories, answering every question a young curious mind might have on the various Gods and Goddesses of the Vikings.

Following the same format as the previous instalment Greek Myths, the book is packed full of Katie’s incredible renditions of these larger than life characters and settings, “…a highlight for me was illustrating the ferocious mythical creatures – giant wolves, dragons and sea monsters!”  Katie’s illustrations are executed in a vibrant colourful style that captures the Norse Gods penchant for a good battle!

“It was very special to work on another book of Myths. Working on Greek Myths the previous year was a career highlight for me, getting to work on another book of mythology was a dream come true.”

Katie Ponder is represented by The Artworks

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