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Jesús Sotés creates a distinctively personal identity for Anamcara Capital.

Jesús Sotés has worked with Richard Chapman Studio to create a standout identity for Anamcara Capital, a technology company that helps facilitate small retail businesses.

Creating beautiful imagery representing the different kinds of businesses Anamcara help; “The Anmacara brief was very clear from the start. It was to represent the front of three different businesses, a yoga establishment, a bakery and a grocery store, in a setting very similar to Notting Hill. After the first round of sketches, the work took an unexpected turn.”

The client found the sketches to be technically correct but wanted something more in line with Jesús’s personal work to help them stand out, “very cleverly, Richard Chapman, the creative director, gave me permission to work with absolute freedom, taking into account, of course, everything that has been discussed up to that point.”

Starting straight into colour, Jesús intuited his way through the second round of sketches, establishing a versatile and appropriate palette. The resultant work is inviting, warm and distinctly from Jesús’s imagination.


Jesús Sotés is represented by The Artworks

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