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Marmalade The Orange Panda by David Walliams

Cuddle up and laugh with this heart-warming and funny new children’s picture book by David Walliams, gloriously illustrated by the awesome Adam Stower!

It’s Adam’s second picture book collaboration with the master storyteller, David Walliams. Marmalade The Orange Panda is published this month by Harper Collins.

One morning, deep in the forest, a beautiful baby panda was born. The panda was different to all the others, as he had dazzling orange fur.

“I will call you Marmalade,” his mummy whispered. . .

Meet Marmalade, the little panda who realises that he’s different from the other pandas in the forest, so goes on a big adventure to explore the forest to find where he belongs. Along the way, he meets all sorts of other orange animals . . . until he sees he has come full circle and is back home with his mum, which is where he always did belong, of course!

This gorgeous and endearing story is a celebration of family love, being yourself and finding your place in the world. It is the perfect story to share with your special someone – big or little.

David Walliams said, “This book is like an early spring, colourful, light and joyous. Adam Stower has done a marvellous job on the illustrations which bring my story to life.”

Adam Stower is represented by Arena Illustration.

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