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Peaky Blinders/Cat Sims

With the launch of the final season of Peaky Blinders, Cat Sims is one of seven artists to be asked by BBC Creative to work on a Shelby campaign.

Cat was delighted to be selected to create a portrait of Tommy Shelby and Michael Grey, drawing on the tense relationship between the two characters and using inspiration from old comic cover-art.

Tom Flynn from BBC Creative says: “We enlisted the help of artists from across the country to immortalise the Shelby family and ordered each artist to interpret the world of Peaky Blinders using their own unique style and perspective. The whole campaign has been a labour of love that has brought multiple teams from across BBC Creative, Marketing, Media and Commissioning together. We hope the public enjoys the final series as much as we have enjoyed making the campaign.”

Cat Sims is represented by illustrationX

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