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Remarkable Women/Rachel Winter

House of First launch a NFT collection by Rachel Winter.

Launched on February 10th, Remarkable Women is a celebration and ode to all women inspired by the perspectives of fashion, feminism, and cultural diversity.

Rachel's vibrant, direct and intriguing portraits showcase positive messages of hope, inspiration and affirmation such as 'Loved, Royal, Icon, Valid, Queen' and appear in ten languages.

House of First say of the collection, "Guided by a deep sense of purpose and meaning, Remarkable Women’s mission is to uplift and empower women by focusing on inclusion and representation. This commitment begins from launch, where 10% of drop proceeds will be dedicated towards our strategic partner the Fund for Women’s Equality. Thereafter, 10% of all secondary sales will be put into the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund with proceeds decided and voted upon by our community members towards causes dedicated to women, justice, equality, and inclusion globally."

Check out the collection here.

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