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Holly Maguire – Workman Publishing

Book Nerd is a celebration of the Bibliophile and is full of fun illustrations and anecdotes that should resonate with every avid reader. Holly made this little book with the wonderful Workman Publishing.

You know you’re a Book Nerd when - - You have a minimum of 5 books on your night table.
- You never thought once the movie was better. - Your favourite mug says “I’d rather be reading.”
- You use words like librocubicularist in casual conversation (though no conversation about books is ever casual”).

Holly is a freelance Illustrator working from her home studio in Bristol, UK.
Her work is driven by a love of nature, people & relationships which are themes often found in her Illustrations.

Holly works primarily using inks, watercolour, gouache and pencil. She has been commissioned for clothing, publishing, puzzles, embroidery designs, stationery, magazines and toys worldwide.
Holly’s clients include HP, Etsy, Penguin, Birchbox, M&S & Workman Publishing.

Holly Maguire is represented by NB Illustration


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