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Alyah Holmes – Yahoo – Black History Month

Yahoo commission Alyah Holmes to re-imagine their logo in honour of Black History Month.

February marks the beginning of Black History Month in the USA and to celebrate the achievements of African Americans, Yahoo now display a logo that is bright, optimistic, contemporary and inclusive, designed by spirited illustrator Alyah.

Alyah explains, "I was inspired by the beauty, vibrance, diversity, talents, joy, and pride in being black. I emphasized people: drawing from the experiences and passions of myself, the people around me and the larger community. Music, hair, style, sports and family were key inspirations as they bring us together, make us unique, and carry a lot of history and meaning. Black History is continuous, it’s every day and all year round, but Black History Month is an important opportunity to reflect, celebrate and honor the journey, accomplishments, and beauty of Black people and our culture. Like all of my work, I hope the Black community feels represented and as beautiful as we are."

Read here for more info on the project.

Alyah Holmes is represented by IllustrationX

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