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Hannah Bailey illustrates a mind-blowing range of mushrooms for RPA.

Hannah Bailey has illustrated a mind-blowing range of mushrooms for a new book written by author, fungi advocate and educator Meg Madden and publisher Running Press Adult. The illustrations have also been adapted into a puzzle, poster and mini-kit with magnets.


“I really enjoyed discovering the mind-blowing range of mushrooms, in all shapes, sizes and colours, as described by the writer.  They are so contained, unique and beautifully formed making them a joy to draw.”


The project presented new challenges for Hannah, especially regarding the puzzle; making sure that it was balanced correctly, filling all the gaps while keeping the composition interesting, “it became quite psychedelic before long and quite unlike any image I’ve created before, I’m proud of it. ”



“It’s really exciting to receive my copies of the products at the end of it – the mini kit is delightfully designed, everything is tiny, and it’s very rewarding to see my work so nicely packaged up.”


Hannah Bailey is represented by The Artworks

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