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New Christopher Nielsen Cover Reveal

Following on from the success of From Shore to Ocean Floor and the award-winning Balloon to the Moon, Phosphor's Christopher Nielsen has teamed up with Gill Arbuthnott once again.

From the Big Bang to the abundance of life that surrounds us today, From Cells to Ourselves is the story of the beginnings of life around 3.8 billion years ago, to the millions of species alive today, including humans.

Learn about mythology giants who formed the Earth, analyse fossils, walk with the dinosaurs, join Charles Darwin on his exploration of the Galápagos islands and marvel at some of the random and bizarre acts that have shaped our world in this beautifully illustrated book.

From Cells to Ourselves is available to pre-order now.


Head over to Christopher Nielsen's portfolio on the Phosphor website to find illustrations from his previous titles with Gill.



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