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Lisa Sheehan / Newsworthy CGI Illustrations for SAP

Could Lisa could create an eye-catching CGI illustration in 10 hours, start to finish? And could the UK-based artist do it all working New York hours?


After a test run, Lisa proved that she could, and she was one of several artists chosen to work a project for SAP, in order to illustrate how the company shows up for its customers, no matter the news.


At the start of the work day, the creative team at BBDO NY would select the top 4 news stories for the day and use Midjourney to help come up with concept for the day’s illustration. After a quick meeting, Lisa would be tasked with re-imagining the idea in her style. The results are surprising and bizarre images with fun details in Lisa’s signature style. The first image’s prompt was: food delivery still hot, job market defying gravity, new drug for Alzheimer’s, and AI everywhere.


The second image’s headlines were AI-powered workforces, privately-owned space stations, carbon-sucking soda machines, and cars leaking data. A few hours later, Lisa’s images were featured on billboards in a few major US cities.

Lisa Sheehan is represented by Debut Art

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