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The Royal Mint commissioned a modern interpretation of the icon, Britannia to celebrate the unwavering symbol of strength and resilience. 





Marie-Alice’s design for Britannia 2024’s commemorative coin blends mythology with modernism, portraying the legendary figure facing an oncoming wave, into which her plumed helmet flows to represent her historic connection with the sea.

Marie-Alice was incredibly excited and honoured to receive the submission invite. She said:

“I tried to imagine Britannia as a benevolent and peaceful protector, someone one could trust and turn to in challenging times. I’m glad she’s a woman. Hopefully, everyone has a female figure in their lives that shares these qualities – a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend or fairy godmother… Even though the idea of strength is central to the character, I did my best to show that this power is rooted in kindness, compassion and peace. For me, that’s where true power lies and is what we need more of in the world.”

Marie-Alice Harel is represented by Arena Illustration.

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