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Ifan Bates – Engineering and Technology Magazine



Ifan was commissioned by E&T magazine to do their latest cover artwork , the title feature, an increasingly common question,  'Is disinformation distorting democracy?'




Here's an extract from the article : Source/copyright E&T Magazine :

'Around half the world’s population have the chance to vote in elections this year – the UK included – so it’s little surprise that we’re already being bombarded with disinformation designed to influence our voting choices.



In January, research was published revealing that over 100 deepfake video ads impersonating Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had reached 400,000 people on Facebook as part of a concerted smear campaign.

According to research from communications company Fenimore Harper, a spoof BBC News story claiming Sunak has taken part in a billion-dollar scam with Elon Musk had been promoted by anonymous sources in 23 countries'...

Scary stuff!



We also take the opportunity to showcase some of Ifan's other work for the weekly Daily Mail Books Review.

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