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Ing Lee: Lush Knot Wrap

A knot-wrap for cosmetic company Lush is designed by Ing Lee to honour White Day.


White Day is traditionally celebrated in Asia on March 14th where Valentine's gifts and gestures are reciprocated. Ing's knot wrap was launched as a nod to this day and to celebrate romance and Spring.

Ing found the project very rewarding and was inspired by one of her favourite video-games when creating the artwork - Yoshi's Story. Her artwork shines with vibrant hues, blending elements of nature, the great outdoors, and the essence of relationships.



Lush's knot-wraps are a brilliant wrapping alternative and are made from a selection of organic cotton and recycled polyester which come in a variety of patterns and colours. Check out the range here.

Ing Lee is represented by IllustrationX

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