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Lipstick welcomes Bryony Fripp



From her Brighton studio, Bryony has collaborated with global brands, providing artwork for a broad range of lifestyle clients and publishers.

She specialises in hand-drawn illustrations, blending traditional drawing techniques with digital colouring and texturing, creating delicate, playful and whimsical pieces of art.

Bryony Fripp is represented by Lipstick of London


Patrick Boyer for the Buxton International Festival

Dynamic and opulent designs are created by Patrick Boyer for the Buxton International Festival.

Pat worked on a new 2024 program cover, five opera promotions, and a billboard design. Having worked with the client on last year's season, he was well aligned with their aspirations for the art. The design brief was open to interpretation, and the client expressed confidence in Pat's work, stating his previous designs were "spot on." He aimed to maintain the elegance of his past achievements, while introducing alternative compositional elements for a sense of freshness.



Pat explains that the cover, his most recent artwork for the festival, reflects a summer celebration of opera, music, books, and jazz. Ties to the individual operas were welcomed, and the client gave Pat a lot of freedom for a fresh approach -


"I came up with a cover similar to last year's, tying in the elements and performers of the 2024 season, but with a more artistic approach. The individual opera designs were completed early in the season, so there wasn't much information available from the directors. For those, I researched the productions. Some operas, like Carmen, were more modern, serious, and gritty in nature, while others, like La Canterina, required something a little more comical and light."

Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins work has gone from strength to strength  she is highly involved in the @pariscollagecollective who create and inspire images by prompts aimed at  the collage community.


Recently her work has been part of a collective show @jmgallerylondon. Her work was also exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show last year.

For more of her wonderful collage work - do please visit the artist Partners website :  Sarah Perkins | Artist | Artist Partners

IFRC – COP28 – Alex Williamson


Alex Williamson was commissioned to create a series of images by the IFRC (The International Federation of Red Cross) for use at COP28. The imagery was used on banners and branding during several of the panels at the event.






More of Alex’s work can be viewed at -

Michelle Thompson – Summer Exhibition

If you ever want to see some of Michelle Thompson’s work you rarely have to look further than your local newsagents. Her work regularly adorns the pages of papers like Guardian and The Economist, covering every topic from the Theory of Evolution to revenge porn.

However, for anyone looking for a slightly more permanent fixture (or simply at a loose end after picking up their weekly groceries at Fortnum & Mason) a quick trip to the recent Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition would reveal a familiar name on the wall.

“The Journey” was originally submitted to the RA in February, after a friend of Michelle’s was suddenly forced to leave her home and family along with thousands of others.

The piece was created on the week that the Ukraine War started. A friend who I had met through NFTs was in Kiev and had to leave her husband with two small children - hence “The Journey” title.

 Michelle’s work is often responsive, and has her voice layered within her found and altered images - weaving narrative amongst the textures she is so well known for. When the assault on Ukraine began, for Michelle the personal connection made it impossible to separate from her work.

For the first time I knew people that were affected, all my personal work in the next couple of weeks seemed to be really dark.

“The Journey” isn’t Michelle’s first piece to be selected for the RA’s annual event - her collage “The Red Dress”, created on the back of one of her grandad's sketchbooks, was shown in 2020. If you missed the exhibition, never fear! You can get your very own limited edition print here

Michelle Thompson is represented by Handsome Frank Illustration Agency. To see more of her exceptional work you can view her portfolio at

Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins is the queen of collage at Artist Partners - her work is so unique, and her images are often inspired by her association with The Paris Collage Collective, they set creative briefs to collage artists worldwide.

Sarah’s ideas have also inspired her to create her own sophisticated picture  books, and she has just created a beauty entitled :   The Animals Went In ABC - Alphabet book , which I am  busy showing to publishers.

The image shown here is one of those images chosen from that very book "C for Camel "

For more of Sarah’s splendid work please go to the Artist Partners website: Sarah Perkins | Artist | Artist Partners



James Taylor – The Go! Team ‘Rolling Blackouts’ 10th Anniversary Reissue

A decade old but still feels fresh. James Taylor created all art and type for The Go! Team’s 2011 album ‘Rolling Blackouts'. The album has been reissued as picture disc, worth it for the cover alone. The A0 size collage (the album cover features only a fraction of it) involved James cutting and sticking over 200 images.

More of James’s work can be found at

Laura Redburn for What Olivia Did

Phosphor Art's Laura Redburn recently created a set of illustrations for popular blogger and influencer Liv Purvis' website relaunch. Having previously worked on a collage portrait of Liv, Laura knew her style well and was thrilled to be asked to create two digital collage pieces for the new look What Olivia Did.


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