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Nastka Drabot for The Concours Yearbook 2021

Nastka Drabot has done the cover for The Concours Yearbook 2021. Using her signature bold, clean style, Nastka’s graphic design is full of elegance and movement, with clean vector lines and a bright limited colour palette.

Well known for it’s illustrated covers, the yearbook is designed by Art Director Peter Allen, and published by Magneto.

You can see more of Nastka Drabot’s work at their portfolio here:

Bright Artist Aura Lewis editorial illustration featured in Guideposts have featured the illustration work of Aura Lewis their ‘These Donuts Became a Divine Sign from Above’ by Lynda La Plante, an intimate article centring around her late son’s favourite treat and how they helped mend broken hearts.

You can see more of Aura Lewis’ work at their portfolio here:



Simone Noronha – New signing

BIG NEWS 🎉 - It’s our absolute pleasure to announce another new signing to the HF roster. Simone Noronha is an illustrator whose work we’ve admired for a long time. Using saturated palettes and moody lighting Simone creates beautiful images that have a story to tell. We’re delighted to have her on team Frank. Who wants to commission her first?

Simone Noronha is represented by Handsome Frank

Justin Metz / Down the Rabbit Hole – The Economist’s first NFT

Justin Metz worked with The Economist to produce this Alice in Wonderland themed cover illustration. The artwork is being auctioned as The Economist’s first ever NFT, with all of the proceeds going to the Economist Educational Foundation.

The artwork showcases popular cryptocurrencies ‘going down the rabbit hole’, as the Economist embarks to do the same.

More of Justin’s work can be found at:

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