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Stephen Lee’s continued contribution to Pension’s Insight Magazine

Stephen Lee has been contributing on a regular basis with Pension’s Insight Magazine. Stephen cleverly makes an incredible visual out of otherwise dry material. This months brief was to celebrate the Annual 50 People in Pensions issue with a Hollywood Walk of Fame flavour including the ever present Pensions Manager. Stephen works traditionally using pencils paper and inks- we do all alterations to final artwork in Photoshop.

A World Like Nowhere Else / Royal Ascot 2017

We are delighted to share Joe Wilson’s collaboration with Antidote and Ascot Racecourse ‘A World Like Nowhere Else’: a bespoke, hand-painted globe telling the story of Royal Ascot’s long-standing traditions and rich heritage.


A Crayola Campaign

Turine Tran works with Leo Burnett in Vietnam to produce a series of hand drawn images for a Crayola advertising campaign.

The campaign was to promote brand awareness in a visually arresting way with the concept of 'unrolling' a colour pencil, laying it out flat, and seeing all the visuals that are waiting to be drawn by that pencil. Currently used on billboards, street posters, in-store, as well as press and digital use, the three drawings celebrate the craft of drawing. Turine says "The main challenge was actually creating a visual that just used one colour. Each visual (red, green and blue) features only objects of that one colour. So for example, red is full of London buses, Santa Claus, roses etc and blue is full of blue water, blue whales, blue jeans etc. We had to use only one colour in each illustration to create light and shade and a feeling of depth and movement. The key objective was to make passers-by stop and go 'wow'....It's been a great deal of fun working on this, and people's reaction with the billboard is awesome to behold."

Turine Tran is represented by Illustration

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Lux Harmonium 7” Single

This fine drawing created by Hannah Megee is for Lux Harmonium's recent 7" single. The Bones You Break / Camel Bones came out a couple of weeks ago on the Static Caravan label. Hannah says " I decided to use the image of the donkey for two reasons; firstly, it was play on words as both songs have the word 'bones' in the title, so a little reference to the saying 'the straw that broke the donkey's back'. The second reason is that Luke Jones, the talent behind Lux Harmonium, often reminds me of a sad donkey." The image was produced in pencil and then lightly coloured in Photoshop.

Hannah Megee is represented by Illustration Ltd

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