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Handsome Frank Illustration Podcast – Niege Borges


Brooklyn's finest, Niege Borges, flew over to London to fill our studio with colour and recount stories of her art journey, her cat Shakira, and her inflatable sidekick Elizabeth.



The Handsome Frank Podcast is a series exploring process, inspiration and motivation.

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Niege Borges is represented by Handsome Frank



The Handsome Frank Podcast EP16 – Luke McConkey


In our latest podcast we embark on a magical mystery tour into the wonderful world of Liverpool based artist Luke McConkey. Luke spills the beans on how he first grabbed our attention, the fact that he "draws like he's a nice guy", and his side project as an independent record label owner.


Read all about it, and see some photos from our visit to Luke’s studio at:




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Luke McConkey is represented by Handsome Frank

The Handsome Frank Podcast 15 – Joël Penkman

Once again we took the Handsome Frank podcast on the road, this time to a snow covered Liverpool to meet up with the wonderful Joël Penkman. Based in Maghull, on the northern outskirts of the city we turned up at the beautiful mid-century family house that Joël and her partner James call home. The smell of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread greeted us, offering a very welcome sanctuary from the unseasonable elements of the morning.



Sitting down in a sun soaked front room, we talked to Joël at length about an array of subjects, spanning from her journey from Christchurch NZ to the Liverpool suburbs, and how she discovered, and mastered, the ancient art of painting with egg tempera.

Fix yourself a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and join us for an art adventure that spans the globe and the centuries. Listen to the podcast over at our website;


The Handsome Frank Podcast with illustrator Agathe Singer

We took a trip to Paris to meet with the wonderful Agathe Singer and discuss all things gouache, juggling childcare and tiny lifts.


You can view Agathe’s portfolio at and listen to all episodes in the series  at:


Alleanna Harris for The On Being Project

Bright Artist Aleanna Harris has created a gorgeous dual portrait of Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakem’s for the ‘In Conversation’ The On Being Project podcast. The electric episode was released in the weeks after George Floyd’s killing has become one of the most popular episodes on the site. You can find out more here:

See more of Alleanna’s work here:

Matt Saunders- Handsome Frank Podcast

Episode TWO of the Handsome Frank Podcast is now available to listen. We had a lot of fun recording this episode with @msaunders_ink last summer.

It’s a lighthearted chat, covering subjects as diverse as illustration styles, to the location of Sid Vicous’ grave. As ever, please us know what you think and if you leave us a review and rating we’ll love you forever.

Matt Saunders is represented by Handsome Frank

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