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Bob Venables X Kwak World

Bob Venables creates a 'Kwak World' for the Belgian beer's recent rebrand.

This was an enjoyable and mammoth project for Bob which involved producing packaging artwork and a whole host of elements for an animated TV ad.

The award-winning beer brand commissioned Bob for his highly imaginative skills which have seen his art on trams and even hot-air balloons! Bob explains, "It was a lovely job to work on that involved the initial bottle label, which meant supplying a dozen or so sketches of the figure to decide which would eventually be used, then with the final one giving options on the details like buttons and ties. It then moved on to packaging to create a Kwak world that should be imaginative, quirky, unorthodox, curious and surreal. That meant illustrating caramel balloons, nougat bees, almond birds, banana penny farthings, hop windmills and many more. At the marketing stage I drew all the figures and backgrounds for the animated TV ad to create a 30 second film. Further to this, the artwork has been used on posters, trams, inflatable display figures and hot air balloons. It was a wonderful job to work on and to see the illustrations used in so many different situations.  There are over 70 different individual pieces so far, many painted overnight, as the deadlines where incredibly short, especially to keep the animators supplied, but I prefer that way of working rather than long timescales."

WATCH the animation.

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