The SAA are very pleased to be supporting the World Illustration Awards by sponsoring The SAA Agents Award for New Talent.

Rob Ball for Sony!

Over the last few months Rob Ball has been working on this amazing project for Sony and the marketing of their new game Battle Royale Allstars. Rob said ‘It was a lot of fun finding the right level of detail to describe both Big Daddy from Bioshock, and Ratchet & Clank. If that wasn’t enough, any project where you get to draw Parappa the Rapper can’t be half bad!’

Rob Ball is represented by the Artworks


Lee Montgomery and GAME

Lee Montgomery has come to the end of a high profile commission for Game,   Europe’s leading video games retailer . The brief was to develop along with art director Alan Haywood of Reply Ltd, a large number of screen icons for an in-store automated kiosk. Lee produced dozens of images which are designed to help customers navigate through the many different options provided by the new installations. The illustrations were produced as vector files, suitable for viewing at different sizes within the kiosk application. Great job Lee!

Lee Montgomery is represented by Illustration Ltd

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