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Ingela Peterson Arrhenius @ The Organisation

Ingela Peterson Arrhenius is every designers' dream illustrator!  They adore her effortlessly simple style, which is influenced by her love of retro 50s & 60s design, imbued with Scandinavian cool.
Working in her native Sweden, Ingela's books for children have been published in Europe, the US and Japan and she has recently produced a set of hugely successful greetings cards for Lagom Design. In addition she also produces fabulous fabric designs used on the funkiest kids' clothing - not to mention her prolific editorial and design work.

LagomLatest versionMychoise [Converted]

See Ingela's portfolio here

Daniela Terrazzini illustrates “The Seeing Stick”

The Artworks presents: Daniela Terrazzini

Another of Daniela's eagerly awaited children’s books is out now! “The Seeing Stick” by Jane Yolen. The artwork in this book is mind blowing and it would seem we are not the only ones who think so:

“This is one of the most beautiful picture books I have ever seen.”Review by Leanne Hall, Readings Carlton.

“The illustrations are glorious and could stand alone as a work of art.”Kiwi Magazine Review.

“The book has been re-released with new breathtaking pictures.” Provo City Library Children’s BookReview.

“I simply loved Terrazzini’s art, which captured all the beauty and mystery of Yolen’s narrative.” Good Reads – Abygail’s Review.


Open Daniela's portfolio here

Graham Humphreys and the Batmobile

Graham Humphreys (The Art Market)  has been commissioned to produce the Batmobile celebrating the iconic 60s TV series
Graham has Illustrated many Film Posters notably for The Nightmare on Elm Street series .
Sim Branaghan's "British Film Posters - An Illustrated History (BFI Publishing , 2006) , generously suggests "Graham...has some claim to be the last great name among Britain's film poster artists."

graham humphreys

Open Graham's portfolio here

Mark Chambers makes his mark at London Zoo!

Bright Agency:

Our very own award-winning illustrator Mark Chambers has had the honour of having his work displayed permanently at London Zoo as of April this year. Selected from hundreds of illustrators across Britain to redesign the children’s section of the London attraction, he created a series called ‘Animal Adventure’, the focus of which is to immerse children in the sights, sounds and smells of the animal kingdom. Visitors will also be able to take a piece of Mark’s work home with them too as it will be featured on souvenir pens and pencils.

Mark is over the moon to have been included in the scheme and Phil Holmes, interpretation developer at the zoo said he was the very best illustrator they could find.


See more of Mark's work here

Lost Worlds by John Howe (Arena)

Just published by Kingfisher

'The World is a big place and the past is even bigger – it is full of worlds that have been lost'.

Atlantis, Troy, Shambhala and Avalon – worlds long abandoned, buried or forgotten in the mists of time are now unearthed in John Howe's new book Lost Worlds. The breathtaking illustrations capture each world's hidden depths and mysterious pasts, including The Garden of Eden, Uluru and The Faerie World. Written and illustrated by John, this was an exciting and challenging project and will no doubt lead to further works inspired by his love of history and research into both real and imagined worlds.

john howe

See more of John's work here

October 2009

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