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Anna Chernyshova’s Captain Firebeard – Just Published


Come aboard the Rusty Barnacle, and discover Anna Chernyshova's charming illustrations for Captain Firebeard's School for Pirates, the best place to become the fiercest and baddest pirate in all the Seven Seas. It's Tommy's first day and he's extremely nervous, but after a new pirate name, classes in pirate talk and cutlass swishing, plus target practice with huge custard doughnuts, he's top of the class!


But have things taken a turn for the worst when Tommy and his friends hatch a plan to 'borrow' the mysterious map of Mandaloo and crack the code to find the long lost treasure on Skull Island.

In this new nautical series, Anna Chernyshova's adventurous young characters with the words of Chae Strathie, are befitting to the bright orange neon spot colour. Captain Firebeard is on shelves now, published by Scholastic.

Anna Chernyshova is represented by Arena Illustration

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