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Kristyna Litten’s Norton and Alpha

Kristyna Litten’s delightful new picture book, Norton and Alpha, is published by Simon and Schuster this month.

Norton the Robot loves collecting junk. Anything from battered wheels, rusty cogs to broken springs and from what he finds, Norton makes the most amazing inventions. But it’s a lonely life so one day Norton decides to make himself a companion, Alpha, who looks a little bit like a robot dog. Like all dogs, Alpha follows his little robot nose to discover all sorts of wonderful things in strange places and it’s his nose that leads him and Norton to find a lone flower which is a mysterious thing to them. They set about trying to care for ‘it’, with amusing and ultimately poignant results.

From the acclaimed creator of Blue & Bertie, Kristyna’s story is about making friends, appreciating the wonder of nature and seeing that sometimes there is more to life than it might seem.

Kristyna Litten is represented by Arena Illustration.

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