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The FANTA Frontier Campaign

Fionna Fernandes works for Fanta Australia on a social media campaign targeted at teenagers.

Fionna created cool stickers, vibrant pattern backgrounds and a funky yoga mat for the campaign which was to drive awareness of the fresh FANTA logo and new FANTA products to teenagers across Australia and New Zealand. The campaign also promoted the FANTA HUB -  a website that provides teens opportunities to create marketing with FANTA, Fionna explains, "One of the main ways to be involved is to design a surfboard, skateboard or yoga mat using the Disrupt Sports Creator. Here, teens can select a product and background, then drag and drop stickers and text onto it to create and customize designs. My backgrounds and sticker illustrations are used in this feature. The designs are saved to a gallery and shared for the chance for 75 designs to actually be chosen, produced and delivered!"

Fionna Fernandes is represented by Illustration

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