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Peter Strain brings alive some of Harry Potter’s most iconic quotes in a series of posters for Pottermore.


We are delighted to share the outcome of Peter Strain’s recent collaboration with Pottermore. Peter was commissioned to create these four bespoke and highly covetable typographical art prints, each celebrating an iconic quotation from one of the seven Harry Potter books.


As a huge fan of the series and its accompanying magical world, Peter was thrilled with the opportunity to bring to life some of its most memorable words. To those who are familiar with his work, it is no surprise that he was instinctively drawn to illustrating some of the more poignant moments; his capacity for capturing solemn beauty and subtle drama lent itself perfectly to conveying the emotional impact of perhaps the most-loved quote from one of the series' least likely heroes.


In all four works, Peter combines his skills as a lettering specialist with his particular literary touch. Each design is bold and striking, but with closer inspection there are intricate details that reward the viewer with each returning look.

It’s hard not to be aware that scores of readers and participants in this magical universe have their own interpretation and visualisation of key scenes and characters in the book, but Peter rose magnificently to the occasion.

The four posters were revealed on the Pottermore website and at an exclusive event hosted at the Grafik Gallery in London on the 3rd July this year. They’re now available to buy from the Pottermore online shop.

Peter Strain is represented by Debut Art


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