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Alex T. Smith Animated Claude TV Series on Disney Junior UK

Drum roll please… Disney Junior will be bringing a new animated TV series to UK screens, based on the much-loved books about a beret-clad dog by Alex T. Smith - Claude will air on 4th June.

The Belfast production company, Sixteen South, responsible for bringing Claude from the book to the screen, really have retained the essence of Alex’s stories both in the humour and their graphic approach. The voices also play an integral role and an outstanding roster of British actors were cast to bring the characters alive.

Simon Callow CBE plays the raconteur sock, Sir Bobblysock - side-kick to Claude. Our eager and enthusiastic doggy hero is played by 10-year-old newcomer, Alexander Molony. Other actors involved include: Anne Reid MBE as Dame Mumsie Turret; Shane Richie as lovable geezer and trader, Denzel Pedal; Jane Horrocks as Highkick-Spinner dancer Kimberly as well as Claude’s owner, Mrs Shinyshoes; Su Pollard as glam ham actress Gloria Swoon and Tameka Empson plays fun but fair policewoman PC Anne Cuffs.

Bestselling author-illustrator Alex T. Smith said: “I’m completely thrilled that Claude’s world is being brought to life by such an amazing group of actors. It’s a nervous moment, as an author, hearing the voices of characters who have lived in your head for over a decade but my every expectation has been surpassed. I’m so grateful to the creative teams at Sixteen South for bringing together such a wonderful Claude cast and to the actors themselves for their dedication and talent.”

Alex T. Smith is represented by Arena Illustration

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